Home furnishings, personal items, industral applications and design services are available

MATERIAL SUBSTRATE-  (Wood, MDF, Sign board, some metals) costs based on the selection of materials from $ 1 to 5 is the average price (more for the exotics) NO CHARGE if you supply yours….

FINISHES- paint, stain, clearcoat and Metalic coatings (i.e. Bronze, Brass, Copper and Iron with or without Patinas.  Contact for pricing.

CAD Design –  $15 per hour.  I use Vetric Aspire 8 software- from 2D,2.5D to 3D modeling, for the CNC cuttings.  From a pencil sketch or  picture – to the necessary code, that can be run on just about any CNC machine. ( Included is a  tru-to life computer picture for approval).

CNC Machine time –  $50 per hour (time estimates are computed via the software)

It is always free to dream- so contact me and lets discuss your project


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